Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jimmers Allstars

To celebrate the marriage of our good friends, Evan and Emily, we all went to the Jimmer's Allstars game. It was basically a game where all the kids that got picked to be in the NBA but have not been able to play yet because of the lock down, got together to play an awesome game of basketball. Oh and Jackson was invited too :)
It was fun to watch because it was good playing, lots of dunks, lot of assists, and the most colorful teams that the Marriott center has EVER seen.
We were having a great time and then the show got even better. Of course the half time show was Jimmers older brother TJ Fredette who is the biggest coat tail rider I have ever seen. He is an aspiring rapper and I think always will be, but he is always where Jimmer is. To be honest, its cute to see how much they really love each other. Their brotherly bond is really incredible. But also being honest, he is not the best rapper I have heard. Any way he was the half time show, told us to sing along to the songs we have never heard and had an assistant that ran out and yelled "HANDS UP PROOOVOOO" like 80 times!! It was awesome! All BYU fans know what I am talking about, and TJ is just apart of us.
The best part of the show was when we told one half to yell Jimmer and the other half to yell Jackson and if we yelled loud enough they would come out of the locker room (they were standing on the court the whole time which made it even better) Anyway he started this cheer and yelled Jimmer and then his buddy yelled "Fredette" instead of Jackson!! It was so hilarious. Eventually the crowd got it right and they came out!!
It was so much fun to watch Jackson and Jimmer play one more time in the Marriott Center because thats what we love. Ps the new floor with the stretch y is AWESOME!!!!


This summer I finally finished my high school t-shirt quilt!! It was a lot of hard work, but I love how it turned out. I didn't cut all the pieces the same size which made my job just that much harder. I had to add so many strips onto pieces (which in turn meant unpicking a lot more things because I am not a very good seamstress like my mom) Anyway, I finished, I will never do another, but love the one I have!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So Ethan and I were really excited to start our blog, Ethan maybe more so than me and today Ethan brought to my attention that the blog so far is everything that I do to keep myself busy while he is doing homework or working or grading papers. So here you go Ethan. This blog is for you!!!

I go to school, but because I am in my last semester all my classes are focused on learning how to teach. I go to a lot of schools to observe but outside of that (and my family finance class) I don't really have a lot of homework. Ethan on the other hand IS ALWAYS BUSY!!! He helps the young men, researches with 3 professors off and on and is a TA for an American History class at school. He always has homework, is always grading tests and correcting papers, does his homework, plays on a soccer and football team, helps with the young men every Sunday and Wednesday, never says no when someone needs help, is applying for school after undergrad (and everything that that includes) and still makes time for me!! He is a very busy man. I love you very much Ethan and am so proud of all you do!!!

(this was attemp three when trying to do his reading!)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

EEG Is Not Just For Ethan's Extraordinary Genius

Hey all! This is my first official post as a new blogger. This new blog has been a long-time coming. I would like to thank Stephen Jenkins for finally committing me to create this blog. I would like to start this blog with a near death experience. Well, okay, maybe it only felt like one. After reading about various brain studies in my Malcolm Gladwell books, I felt a moral responsibility to donate my unusually large head to help the scientific community. So when my roommate Greg showed me a number for a study here at BYU I quickly signed up. Ya know, just me doing my part for mankind. After a series of interviews, tests, and questioniers, the scientists finally hooked me up to the EEG machine. Imagine a lunch lady hair net embedded with little sensors to capture brain wave activity. The scientists had to continually put baby shampoo on the sensors because of my thick hair and very subtle waves. I thought that I would just read Tolstoy or something while they measured and interpreted my flowing ideas. However, instead of stimulating activities, the scientists concocted the most mundane computer test ever invented. The two tests were 25 minutes each. All I was supposed to do was press "A" for red and "B" for green. I did not know how long the tests were, so the 25 minutes seemed unbearable. It was about this time that I thought the whole "eeg thing" was just a cover-up, and the scientists were really studying the effects of testing a tired college student in a soft chaired, dark room. I kept nodding off and had to do everything in my power to stay awake. When the test kept going, I literally screamed in agony, not caring that I was being tapped. For those of you who have seen IQ there is a scene of a man screaming in a padded room because he was being withheld the time. I was practically to that breaking point. After it was all finished, I couldn't wait to get into sunlight. I should have known better to try and take on the same people that brought us Oregan Trail and Chip's Challenge. Science 1, Ethan 0.