Tuesday, October 26, 2010


So Ethan and I were really excited to start our blog, Ethan maybe more so than me and today Ethan brought to my attention that the blog so far is everything that I do to keep myself busy while he is doing homework or working or grading papers. So here you go Ethan. This blog is for you!!!

I go to school, but because I am in my last semester all my classes are focused on learning how to teach. I go to a lot of schools to observe but outside of that (and my family finance class) I don't really have a lot of homework. Ethan on the other hand IS ALWAYS BUSY!!! He helps the young men, researches with 3 professors off and on and is a TA for an American History class at school. He always has homework, is always grading tests and correcting papers, does his homework, plays on a soccer and football team, helps with the young men every Sunday and Wednesday, never says no when someone needs help, is applying for school after undergrad (and everything that that includes) and still makes time for me!! He is a very busy man. I love you very much Ethan and am so proud of all you do!!!

(this was attemp three when trying to do his reading!)


  1. that ethan is such a studmuffin

  2. my husband thinks your husband is a "studmuffin"